Feel the beat and move beyond your self-imposed limitations

Dance has always been my passion. The intrinsic need of the body to rhythmically move is something we bring with us since birth and this can be seen in very small children moving with the rhythm and enjoying the music. As we grow, we become more constrained by the rules and social norms, that are crucial for the functioning of our society of course, but when your personality shrinks to a bare reflection of the “shoulds” and “musts”, this may drain your life energy and consequently you will become unsatisfied with yourself, your life and what you have achieved. Honoring your true needs and emotions is out of most importance for your identity development and development into a responsible human being, even though this process might sometimes include certain “childish-like” behaviors.

I have already talked about the importance of playfulness in the post How playful people may have advantages in life for our overall well-being, creativity and productivity, and dancing, for me personally, falls closely to being playful and giving yourself a break from the usual forms of thinking and behaving. This can provide you with a fresh mind, full lungs, and potentially some new ideas.

There is this popular expression: “Dance like nobody’s watching” and many find it to be liberating especially with the help of some alcoholic beverage. But you do not need to numb your mind with substances, you do not have to go to a crowded place in order to liberate yourself, you can be all alone in your room, put some energetic music on, and let yourself go.

There are various ways  that people find to express themselves, depending on their personal tendencies, personality type, capabilities, cultural upbringing, etc. Nevertheless, music and dance have been universal forms of expressing emotions, certain traditions and forms of becoming closer to each other, across centuries and cultures. Many important moments in our lives are to some extent in interplay with music and dance: birthdays, graduations, weddings, holidays, etc., and in these cases music and dance give us the sense of belonging to a group and a festive feeling which reinforces our memories of these events.

Although, dance can be seen as an art form and it can be appreciated for its technique and mastery, but in my eyes, the true beauty of dance lies in its direct connection to our hearts and passion. The feeling of playfulness and zest can energize your day and boost your mood when you are feeling down. The most desired option might be to find someone special who will be your “dancing partner”, who would follow your rhythm through life and give support and even more strength to your movements.


But even without a partner, the feeling of energy, freedom and complete joy that goes through your body is a gift from nature to enjoy it however you like it and whenever you feel stressed or constrained. Expand this feeling to other activities as well, and create your own, internal beat to give your every movement even more beauty and uniqueness.




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