Find the warmth within

With the colder and more gloomy days joying us, the need for more light, warmth and softness naturally increases. Just a single sunlight on our face, fresh breeze and colorful surrounding can create this warm feeling. Spending more time with friends and family, with a real engagement and communication is one other thing that is lacking more and more in our every day lives and now when we have some a lot of time to spend inside, it is a perfect opportunity to actually use this time wisely and feed our souls.

Scandinavians with their long and dark winters even have a special term for this particular feeling of warmth, enjoyment and togetherness with others: alex-geerts-424409 (1) Hygge (/ˈhjuːɡə/ HEW-gə or /ˈhɡə/ HOO-gə). They pay a special tribute to this warm and fuzzy feeling inside our hearts and treat the tradition of hygge as a skill that can be learned and developed throughout our lives.

The pace of life decreases and we spare our energy to warm our selves and rejuvenate our bodies when the time comes. This is the nature’s way to refresh and recreate new life when spring is awake again and we need to appreciate theses phases in our lives as well. Although we might long for the long and warm summer days full of light and sun, the shift of dark and light phases is a side of life that is not only present in season  successions, but also in our every day lives, whit the shifts in our mood and energy levels.


Find these moments of enjoyment and create a warmth in your own style: by taking a nice, long walk; drinking a cup of tea or cocoa by the fire; sharing a fresh baked cake with your friends or family… It is important to pay small tributes to our soul and feed our inner worlds with some real food. Far away from the modern virtual reality and the lives we created online. We all know this, but we tend to forget it in the every day’s chase and finishing our to-do-lists. And as soon as we start nurturing and developing this skill, that we can call any name we like, we will feel the significant difference in our mood and in our overall state of mind.





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