We are all similar to each other and uniquely exceptional at the same time

Many things bring us together. Our need to belong to a group, to have a companion, the way we perceive the stimuli from our environment, the way we repeat similar behavioral patterns, the way we talk and interact, and many, many other social behaviors.


But in this similarity there is a portion that is only your own and that can be uniquely traced to you. It may be shaped by the unique interaction of your genes and environmental factors, but at one point you become an active factor in creating your exceptional self.

The whole history of the Universe, creation of the stars, planets and our mother Earth, has lead to the conception of you. You as a human being. You as a person. You as a conscious agent of co-creating our shared human experience. Our exceptional nature does not lie in our achievements as much as in our existence itself, although we might get convinced by our Ego that we will be exceptional by creating something significant and praise-worthy.

Just imagine the probability of the complex string of events that had happened in order for you to be created and to exist in a shape and a way as you are today. Every single event in the history of Cosmos has its own tiny role in this creation, no matter how far and seemingly unrelated it might be.





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