Like a boss (it is much easier than it might seem)

Disclaimer: Accepting yourself as you are, with all of your shortcomings and past failures, is not easy.

But it is certainly a first step towards becoming a better and more empowered version of yourself. It may seem contradictory, but when you become aware of different sides of your personality (and those not so pretty ones) and when you accept them as important segments of the complex identity which makes you you, then you will open the doors of growth and resilience.

The reality is that the strongest people are the ones that see their mistakes as challenges and opportunities to learn something new. Also, the strongest people are the ones that value effort and see beyond predetermined abilities. Intelligence and capabilities can be seen only as fluid constructs that can be shaped through our efforts and our imagination to see further and wider.

So, the next day when you wake up, imagine your day as a blank piece of paper and yourself as an artist that can fill the paper with various shapes and colors. Taking charge of your life is like taking a pen in your hand. You are free to write or draw what ever you like as long as you accept your handwriting and drawing style as uniquely beautiful. Make sure to fill this blank space with full awareness and gratitude. Be your own boss and don’t let others to make decisions instead of you. But more importantly, don’t let your fixed mindset to control your movements. There is much more freedom and joy once you accept that you are the one who is holding the pen. Use this freedom responsibly. The blank space is not unlimited.




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  1. Wind Kisses says:

    I think we are destined to be friends. Thank you for putting into words exactly how I feel. Wisdom. I also read through your home page, but no comment section. Thank you for that as well.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. I feel very grateful that we can always find kindred spirits, wherever we are. I enjoy reading your posts as well, and I think it is quite fulfilling to be able to share our thoughts about the things we cherish, fear and feel passionate about in this global blogger community and support each other.

      Thank you again,

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