Coming in terms with ageing

Growing up and growing old are the facts of life. No one can reverse the clock or stop the time. Although this is a seemingly simple fact and a self-evident process, many people, my self included, have problems with facing the inevitable. When you are  a child you can’t wait to grow up and do all the “important” stuff that grown-ups do. The time itself is perceived differently. It’s pace seems much slower and we live under the impression that we will stay young forever.

Once you hit the twenties and thirties, life gets very complicated, and you are consumed with many questions and choices, such as – the right career, life partner, will you have children, choosing living place and creating adequate conditions, asking yourself whether you fulfilled your plans, have you achieved societal norms and standards, are you happy with yourself, your friends, political situation, are you worried about ecological future of our planet, and many, many other questions that can make your head spin.

In the midst of these questions, I find myself puzzled and baffled, but also excited, because I feel that you actually don’t have to make a final decision about your life. You could always change a direction slightly and feel adventurous. This freedom of choice, regardless of your age, makes me feel young, playful and full of energy. Of course it is much more difficult to make big changes when you are married with children, but it is not impossible and there are many examples of people moving with their whole families to other cities, countries or even continents to pursue their dreams, more fulfilling life conditions, or a better career opportunities.


When we get stuck in the same old routines, that might provide us with comfort and security, the ageing process seem much more evident. Our consciousnesses stay the same, more or less, and we are the witnesses of the time passing by and through us and the ever-changing nature of life. Bringing more adventurous attitude towards life does not deny ageing, but it makes it more fun and acceptable. The inevitable will come and we can not do anything about it. Thus, let us make every moment more interesting and worthy by completely absorbing its every flavor, sweet and sour.




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  1. So true and the line when you are kid you can’t wait to be adult so that you can do what adult does… took me back to the memory lane.

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    1. Yes, me too 🙂
      Unfortunately, time is a tricky thing, when we enjoy its content and we need it to “last” longer it feels like it is leaking through our hands, but when we are bored, seconds seem like hours… But even then, I guess we can find something of value to appreciate those not-so-interesting moments, so we do not feel like we need to “fill out” our time with activities until something better comes along.

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  2. Another post replete in the ageless enlightenment potent in the self. Thanks for the wisdom.

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