Do you keep repeating the same patterns?

Do you sometimes feel like you are going in circles? You feel like you have made some progress, but then, certain setbacks happen that put you back right there where you started. If you want to start again, you may need additional motivation in the beginning or to sustain your efforts because of the lingering feeling of failure that might get stuck in your head. This feeling does not have to be completely conscious but it can affect us in our further efforts.

The cumulative effect of failures or setbacks can sabotage us if we do not pay enough attention. There is a chance that your focus is more drawn to the losses than your victories, so the circle seems more evident in comparison with any potential ladders that you might have climbed. Moreover, if you look closer, you could see that you are not back in the same exact position. There is a slight progression and your path could look like a spiral upwards more than a circle. There may be some repetitions and patterns, however, if you are aware of them you can choose which ones are beneficial for you and which ones are the source of this lingering feeling of not getting where you wanted to be.

Causes of these repetitions can be traced way back into our childhood when we developed defense mechanisms and behavioral patterns that served us and gave us comfort. Yet, as a grown-up, you have much more skills and resources at your disposal so you can observe these patterns and decide whether they have done their service and whether you need to reshape them into more effective behaviors and thoughts.

The main goal of our development is to adjust to our environment and achieve a stable sense of well being. Although we tend to repeat the same mistakes and stumble, we can make a decision that we want and need to move on upwards in order to achieve the best possible versions of ourselves.



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  1. A Man Deep says:

    It leaves a lot to think about.Nice write up.

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    1. (Delayed) thank you! I really enjoy reading your posts, thank you for sharing your thoughts and reflections about this wonderful life-experience we all share together.

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