Launch yourself to the top

Imagine yourself fulfilling your wildest dreams, achieving every goal and stepping up to your values. Do you have a precise and vivid picture or is it only a vague and timid dreamlike sketch? Does your self-doubt stop you even in envisioning the scenario that would represent for ideal future self and that would be in accordance with your abilities and values?


If it is difficult to create this vision, stop for a second and allow a moment of silence in your mind. Try to reconnect with hopes and dreams despite the fear that might occur. You could do this by simply imagining yourself in a better position at work, or making a list of things you would like to achieve or the list of characteristics you would like to possess in the near and more distant future, or by creating a small drawing of yourself which would encompass significant segments of your future self. By doing this, you will create a positive and motivating feeling that will give you strength and confidence for action and specific and achievable plans.

Bear in mind that an ideal does not have to be created exactly as imagined. Its purpose can serve as a guideline through your life in order to achieve your “smaller” goals. More so, the life itself will undoubtedly change and reshape your vision along the way and you will seek and find new and even better versions of this path as you go.

Many times I experienced fear, doubt and anxiety and let those to decide instead of me what to do and how to behave. I needed to grow and mature in order to recognize my irrational fears and my deeper interest to develop and seize the opportunity. I still make mistakes, however, I somehow find a voice of reason in my head and allow this voice to become louder than fear and anxiety.

Ideals and dreams do not have to be so high above our current situation. The peak itself can grow and become more defined in time. The only definite determinant of our growth is death and by then, we can enjoy in trying and making mistakes in our pursuit to climb to the top of our own personal mountain.




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  1. A Man Deep says:

    An uplifting piece 🙂

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  2. Love the title…Launch yourself to the top.

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