Microcosmos in our heads

Perception is a creative process, or more precisely, an interactive process. In the interaction between the external reality and our senses and central nervous system we create what we see, what we hear, taste and smell. We can not be completely sure of what is really outside our heads, for example is the green I see the same as the green someone else sees, without going deeper into more complex questions of different meanings and interpretations we create in the realm of social and political issues…

The more we discover in science, the more is open to be discovered. The more you know, the more you become aware of how small your knowledge is in the waste ocean of existence. When you observe your life and your place in the bigger picture it is difficult to say whether there is an inherent meaning or we as creatures of meaning create meaning and project it into the external world. In the end we can never know because our knowledge is limited. Nevertheless this does not make our position hopeless. We are not lost in the Universe as beings who can never be sure of the true nature of existence. We are the part of the sole creation of the Universe because its existence as we know it is created though our perception and consciousness. It is a pity that we become stuck in small conflicts between each other and in small conflicts in our own heads. Just by expanding our view to the bigger picture, our existence becomes a true miracle and it is not difficult to marvel at the “small things” and make our lives much richer and colorful.



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