Athens, the Mighty and Beautiful

“Travel is fatal to narrow-mindedness, prejudice and bigotry.” — Mark Twain

Our journey starts with the day we are born, but we can always make it more interesting by visiting many beautiful places on the planet we were fortunate to be born on.

Last week I traveled to visit my friend who lives in Athens and spent a week in this beautiful city. It has been a dream of mine to visit Athens since I learned about the ancient Greek history in school. The Acropolis was like a hill of wonderful testimony to the great heritage. I wasn’t completely sure what to expect, but Athens turned out to be a beautiful mixture of ancient monuments with the spirits of gods and mythical creatures still living in the streets, museums, souvenir shops; a modern metropolis and a charming Greek town with narrow streets with many cute coffee shops and restaurants. And the sea, the beautiful sea with many beaches and spectacular views with a clear and blues sky above your head are just a nature given paradise on Earth. No wonder that the old Greece was home of the rich political heritage, arts and philosophy, science and traditions which continued to reshape through history into the modern Greece we now know.

Then there is the food, rich in vegetables, fruits, fish, yogurt, honey, sweet wines…. It is enough to say that my appetite has significantly increased during this week.

There are so many cultural cites, beaches, restaurants to be visited and I will show you only the small portion of what I visited during my stay in Athens and surrounding islands of Aegina, Hydra and Poros. The best thing you can do is to allow your inner wanderer to lead you when you travel, of course with some help of the map, local people, and if you are fortunate enough like me, with a tremendous hospitality of people born Athenians, that are also your friends. I feel very grateful for this experience.

When I go back to my decision making process, should I go now or should I reschedule this trip for the next year, I wonder how easily we might skip many wonderful opportunities we could have experienced if we only were more determined. We should not ponder about the life as much time as we actually live it. There is enough time for remembering and re-living it in your imagination, and the memories are of course the best souvenirs you can bring back home with you.



With love and a sunny spirit,

your Maja, the Travelling Psychologist

P.S. Even between the layers of clouds, the Sun was fighting to push through



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