Looking back and forward

On my way from my parents’ and childhood home to my “real” home… I feel this peculiar feeling of excitement when I travel and change environments. Even the smallest change makes me feel new and refreshed. I enjoyed my parent’s company and that comfort your childhood home can provide you, but after some time I feel the need to go back to myself and the life I have created for my self.

During the ride, I enjoy watching the ever-changing landscapes by the highway. With the autumn being at the doorstep, the colors of the leaves have started to change. Also, I could never feel bored with the big blue sky with the charming clouds, here and there, above my head.

The ever-changing nature of life is a parallel to our smaller journeys. You come and go, departure and arrive, or vise versa. There are many curves, bumps and obstacles on these journeys, but luckily we menage to get to our destinations.

What are you left with is the peculiar feeling of change, you can never really go back to what was before. It may seem the same, but even the smallest changes create a cumulative effect. One day, when you look back, all the memories and events you went through will become one amalgam of what we humans call life.



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  1. brencation says:

    This is so beautifully written and true! ❤

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