Overcome yourself

When I look back at my life and reflect on my desires, plans, fears and obstacles, I am not sure whether I have managed to complete the most prominent and most relevant milestones of my development. I did do everything what was expected of me concerning my education and the way I was supposed to treat people and concerning my responsibilities, but how much have I really succeeded in creating the life I wanted?

In many fields I feel that I failed, because I did not find the job I thought I was suppose to do, I did not create a family, I did not create my self in the way I imagined I would be at this age. On the other hand, I managed to finalize many demanding plans and somehow my achievements never felt good enough in my own eyes. I somehow always ended in minimizing my victories and maximizing my loss. But fortunately, I realized that the main obstacle I need to overcome is my own way of looking at my self.


I started releasing my energy in its own direction and its natural flow, and I let my self be guided by the internal guidance that is an integral part of every human being. Our internal shepherds give us comfort and show us the path, or many possible paths that can be taken, each with equal value.

The biggest and the most prominent obstacles are not outside, but inside, and when we realize this, we feel liberated from the imaginary chains of the societal norms and other people’s expectations. Now, the most important step in overcoming our own boundaries is to be brave enough and look what is beyond the known and comfortable.




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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. I completely agree with your assessment. Sometimes we are our own biggest obstacle.

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