If the self creates its own boundaries, then it can overcome them as well

What do you do when you face your limits? Are those limits fear-based or in accordance with your current stage of development? Dissatisfaction and frustration with yourself naturally follow when you face the limits and boundaries, but should we stay in this state and find peace with it, waiting for better circumstances or should we withdraw for a bit and then try a bit harder? Very often our limits our self-created and based on fear and self-doubt, thus they stop us from following our plans and being persistent in our pursues.

If you are being honest with yourself, you can discern the situation when you are just tired or too overwhelmed to go any further, and those situations when you are not ready to leave your comfort zone because it is familiar and safe for you. Everything beyond this zone is foreign and unpredictable, thus potentially dangerous. However, our growth and development depend almost exclusively from those situations when we push ourselves one step further, just like when we were children and when we were learning to walk.

Limits are constantly growing and expand as we do, so we can never be sure what are we capable of. I am certain that there were situations in your lives when you were surprised with yourself, how calm and collected you behaved in some dangerous or concerning situations. You are your own best judge and can decide whether you will stand still and repeat the same patterns, even the ones that are good for you, or whether you will try, and fail, and try again, and do some much more than you ever dreamed of.


One practical thing that you can do is to try to remember difficult moments in your life and how you used your resources, how you navigated through problems step by step, and how you solved the situation in the end. Try to remember this feeling of triumph and if you are facing something similar right now, it will give you the strength and self-confidence to act and create the life you always wanted. Be aware of your strengths and give them more power in comparison with your “weaknesses” and you will be surprised how much change this will create in your life.

Be your best friend and see the best version of yourself. Limits will seem much more elusive then.




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