Impatience and its moving force

Sometimes, the desire and drive to do something can consume you in such a manner that you cannot sit still. You have to dive into it and you have to act. The sensation is similar to anxiety, however it is more close to the excitement. I see it as a water sprinkler wanting to go up and up, to the clouds, expanding it self it its co-creation with the forces of the universe.

In bipolar depression, during the manic episode, people can experience this high, the sudden increase in energy levels, the desire to work or to socialize. Yet, after a period of manic behavior, even a steeper fall into depression follows.

These extremes of energy levels are not so common, but can be similar to the experience of sudden burst of energy we all can encounter sometimes. And it can feel great but it can feel overwhelming as well. Impatience to create your vision or to finally act upon certain desire is a many-faced monster. On one side, it drives you in the form of a great energy, and on the other, it makes you feel jittery and like you are on the edge. Waiting for something to happen. But if you go deeper into this feeling you will see its softer side, a pure life energy. Your heart will beat faster and you will want to spread your being far beyond your imagined limitations. You will feel electrified, floating in the air, with a pinch of frustration due to gravity, just to remind you of the solid ground.



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