The everchanging nature of our being

We are in a constant state of change. Or better said, in a constant process of change. We might think we are the same people every day because we wake up with the our continuous stream of consciousness, however our bodies, our physiology and our minds have changed and renewed during the night and they keep on changing during our waking hours without us even noticing it.

I am sure that it has already happened to you. You feel certain about a decision or a plan, but after some time you may not feel that certain anymore. That does not have to mean that you will give up or change your mind, especially if it is about something very important for you. But it just means that we can never be certain in our determination and we should not feel as much guilty when we change our minds.

In our culture there is a kind of a judgment towards people who are changing their minds easily. They might follow their first impulse or a gut feeling and for them it might feel just right to change the course of action. For some other people, my self included, changing their mind is not something that comes easily and without self judgement. Just recently, maybe in the last couple of years, when I have faced certain challenges I started accepting that it is alright to change your mind sometimes. The way that I have thought of myself may change in a direction much different in comparison with my early adulthood plans. In a direction of more self acceptance and less strict criteria of success. Previously, I used to base my criteria of success on external determinants, social status and what others think of me. It was important for me to achieve something more than others so I could feel complete and satisfied with myself. Something in me was telling me if I do not achieve more I will be less and I would be always comparing myself with others.

Meanwhile, a lot of time spent in a self-reflection and different experiences was needed in order for me to realize that the only criteria of “success” that holds any true significance for my true being is my own, internal voice. The voice and guidance that care for me and do not care for other people’s opinions. This voice gives me motivation and inspiration to thrive and become a better person not in comparison with others but in comparison with how I used to be a day before or today.

We can always do better for our own and other’s well-being. We just need to employ the natural course of change that is our integral and defining characteristic just by being a part of the ever-changing miracle of existence.




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  1. Marioness says:

    Hi! Welcome to the blogosphere!
    Hoping to see more posts here! Keep up with the work!

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