Being a highly sensitive person – How to appreciate it


What does it meant to be a sensitive person? Does it mean that your senses are more pronounced?

Does it mean that your emotions are too strong, deep and easily activated?

Does it mean that you react to every little sensation that you might feel in your body or every little movement or change in your environment?

You scan the faces of other people looking for signs of judgment. You constantly feel like you are on the edge.

You never feel settled and secure.

You need constant external reassurance because you judge yourself for being sensitive and you see it as a sign of weakness.

You see yourself as not enough, as faulty.

However, it does not have to be this way.

You can learn not to judge yourself because of your sensitivity.

You can see and embrace yourself as you are and be more kind and gentle to yourself.

Because that is exactly what you need.

You are kind to everyone else except yourself. You do not need your harsh self-criticism. You do not need to hide from others because you are afraid that they might evaluate and judge you. They might just as well accept you and love you which is actually more probable due to your kind and loving nature.

You do not need to man up. You only need to accept your individuality and your traits as values and your sensitivity will help you navigate through the world in an intuitive and kind way.

The world needs people like you. It needs sensitive souls and it appreciates your gifts. And it is about time for you to appreciate your sensitivity as strength as well.


Link to the You Tube video


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