The sound of silence

In a today’s world, full of visual and audio noise, our senses get saturated and overwhelmed. Our minds and bodies are hungry for a moment of silence. Silence has its internal and external form. Internal form is in our minds, the space between two thoughts, or the space beyond the thought. The external form is everywhere around us and it underlies every sound that we perceive.

Listen to the sound beyond the sound, the empty space that enables the sounds like the empty space enables the existence of the matter. Even when you live in a city center with the constant noise from the traffic and people, you can concentrate your attention to a certain sound in particular. For example, listen to the ticking sound of your wall clock. Or the sound of your air-conditioning. You will soon discover that your mind is slowing down and that you can still register the external environment and your thoughts, but you will find the small distance between them and you. Them as a content of your consciousness and you as the consciousness itself.

Naturally, the most comfortable and the easiest way would be to visit a nearby park or a forest, where the lack of artificial sounds would create space for silence and the sweet sounds of birds and breeze in the air. Your mind will relax and find peace with more ease.

The complete silence might make you feel uncomfortable for some time. We are all addicted to the constant stimulation, from our phones, computers… We need the content, in the form of the chattering mind and in the form of external multitasking and receiving information. We all get nervous waiting in a queue, constantly checking our phones. We need something. Something to process. The mind needs its food. If we deprive our minds of the constant stimulation, we will soon feel empty. However, if we do not give up too easily, the emptiness will evaporate into silence and silence into peace.


By listening to the space between different sounds we discover a moment of silence even when the noise is still present. Our minds respond to our attention to the space between material things and sounds. Your focus will become more powerful and you will be able to concentrate with more ease and enjoyment. You will soon find the silence even amidst the storm, the silence that mirrors your internal stillness and eternal being.



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  1. cagedunn says:

    This is the place to be, in the moments that matter. Be still, and hear the world breathe.

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  2. This clock Things reminds me of:
    1. Once upon a time a farmer lost his watch in the barn. He called all the children from a play ground to find his watch and whosoever finds will get awarded. All kids tried but no luck. When everyone was gone – a seven year kid asked if he can go again. The farmer allowed him after few minutes he found the watch. The farmer was very impressed and he asked how did you find it. The boy answered I just sat and tried to listen the tic tic of a watch.
    2. You said it so well…inner silence – the gap between two thoughts. Very nice.

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