Motivation and mental health – How to motivate yourself in difficult moments

Travelling Psychologist


Motivation is a key ingredient of our mental health. Its direction and intensity, to be precise. In depression, motivation is either very diminished and diffused or directed toward self destruction. In anxiety, motivation can be elevated but in direction of preoccupation with worry and self-absorption.

Focused and sustained attention is possible if we set concrete and achievable goals with measurable and satisfactory feedback. Long-term motivation can be endured if we, a side from the short-term goals, set up long-term goals which are valuable for us and contribute to our overall well being.

Motivation is simply put, effort-full action oriented towards future with the expectation of positive results.

When our energy is not focused in a certain direction due to multiple different reasons, our motivation becomes diffused or completely blocked. Different reasons might be: self-doubt, low self-esteem, physical and health problems, bad quality of sleep, external conditions, etc.

Chronically diffused…

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