How We Create Our Personal Worlds and Realities – Can We Reach Beyond?

amy-treasure-65664We all create our personal stories and narratives. We live in our stories and we do not notice we live in them although they are not the same as the reality itself, but only one possible reflection of it.

You are the main character of your story. This story is being created as we become aware of ourselves and it changes as we grow older and as we take over different roles in life. The characters change as well. We identify with our story and get attached to its main characters.

The story can be pleasant and enjoyable, but it can be painful and dreadful. Mostly it is somewhere in the middle, and we become accustomed to our narrative. This is possible due to the autobiographical memories we collect trough life and the development of language that enables us to encode our experiences and share them with other members of the groups we belong in.

We identify with our roles in life and try to fit in in accordance with our and other people’s expectations. The stronger we identify with our story, the fear of loss is stronger. The loss of our roles, people in our lives, possessions, social status, beauty, health, etc. The stronger we identify with our story, the pain when we experience loss is stronger. We condition self love and love for others with the strict internalized criteria. If I do not accomplish certain success in life, I am not enough. If you do not display certain behaviors, you don’t love me and I can’t trust you.

However, somewhere on the road, we might just realize that we are not our story although it can be beautifully put together. When we experience pain and failure in our lives, we might start to seek out for some other forms of truth besides this story we have created in our heads.

Although this story can be modified as we realize we are the writers of the narrative, we also intuitively know that the life itself is much, much greater than the stories we tell to ourselves and others. As we open our eyes and ears to the life around us, but most importantly, as we open our hearts to our inner voice which is much deeper than our thinking patterns, we create space beyond our stories. We walk the path of life with more presence and aliveness than ever before in our adult lives and without a heavy burden of the constant identification with our narratives. Many perceptions of life and conceptions of future and past might still be there, but we have opened up one more dimension of existence with unconditional acceptance of what is. From this point on, the life will reveal itself to us in all its richness and our world will stretch its limits beyond our imagination.

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