Being a part of the human species

If you see other people as extensions of yourself and not apart from you, then you will feel closer to and more involved with them as well. Their problems will be your problems, their pain will be your pain and their joy will be your joy. You will not judge them for the same things you are already doing. You will not feel envy for their success and you will not be irritated by their behavior.

We are all part of the same entity. We feel the same emotions and we are all trapped into our minds and thinking patterns. If you recognize others as fellow human beings, you will look at a stranger and see a friend. You will empathize more with the pain and hopelessness of a homeless person.

You will recognize yourself in anybody’s eyes. You will see yourself in children playing, men working at the construction building site, girls chatting at a cafe, people arguing, your mother worrying about you, your friend teasing you, and yourself when you forget that you are only human too.

Your body is aware of this connection. Your human nature is aware of this connection. However your ego separates itself from others and see it self as endangered by others, always comparing, always competing, always pondering and brooding about what happened and what will happen. Ego will still be around, but be aware you are not your ego. You are much more and can feel and experience so much more joy and pleasure in your life if you just become aware of the bigger picture. People will not be strange anymore, and you will not be a stranger to yourself anymore. You will finally become your own friend, because the way we see others is nothing more than the reflection of the way we see ourselves.

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